Pink Heals NC Foothills at Hickory Oktoberfest

Pink Heals NC Foothills at Hickory Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Welcomes Pink Heals NC Foothills Chapter to the Festival

Pink Heals drives pink fire trucks and pink police cars across American bringing the Cares Enough to Wear Pink and Pink Heals Movement to a city near you! They simply provide a program for community leaders to adopt, helping them fundraise for people rather than causes. They focus their labor of love on the women of this country and wage war on anything that may harm her starting with cancer! Show your support by wearing PINK!

The Pink Heals organization started in 2007 to help people battling cancer with a focus on women and what they mean to us in our daily lives! Since that time the program has evolved to be the driving force of change in the way this country is fund raising.

They have taken the theme of the Public Safety with pink fire trucks and pink police cars to serve communities by putting people first instead of causes. Pink Heals believes that money raised in local communities, counties and states should remain there, giving the organization the option to either put it towards research or deliver one hundred percent of the money generated by fundraisers to the people that need it most! They believe that too many large corporate charities use a labor of love to raise money to sustain their own organization with little left to actually go to the people that need it.

They are one of the only charities that help other charities and tax based organizations raise money with our brand without having to control the fundraising dollars. The goal at the national level is to create chapters to help implement this program in each one of the communities throughout the country. 100% of the money raised under the Pink Heals umbrella goes right back to the public, either by way of local charity or actual people in need of help! Local chapters support your efforts and will help deliver your fund raising to the beneficiary(s) chosen so long as they meet our criterion of being truly selfless and not for profit. No one should benefit from the illnesses and misfortune of others. It is time to bring fund raising back as it was intended in our hearts – to help one another without expecting anything in return!

Pink Heals NC Foothills Chapter, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization that raises awareness and funds for families and non-profit entities that assists those battling cancer within the cities we visit. Pink Heals brings a community together out of Love, not on behalf of a cause, a ribbon, or a large corporate charity. Pink Heals uses the color PINK to represent women and their families, NOT a specific diseases. This is not about breast cancer, but about ALL illnesses and needs within a community that can be cured or supported by keeping fund raising money local!

Hickory’s Oktoberfest is an outdoor festival held annually on the second weekend in October. It features four stages of non-stop live entertainment ranging from traditional polka to rock & roll, two beer gardens, amusement rides and carnival games, a juried arts and crafts show, and hundreds of food and commercial vendors.

For their safety and the safety of others pets are not allowed at the festival.

The 30th Annual Hickory Oktoberfest is hosted by the Hickory Downtown Development Association. Sponsors include STAGE SPONSORS: Beck’s, Pepsi, Party City, Republic Services, Sheetz, Carolina West Wireless’ Bark Mobile, Main Stage: L & N Productions, Pavilion Stage: The Acoustic Stage, Hickory Music Factory Stage, Hickory Music Factory, MEDIA SPONSORS: Focus, WHKY, Charter Spectrum, Big Dawg and WSGE 91.7.


Click here for more information about the Pink Heals NC Foothills at Hickory Oktoberfest.

Pink Heals NC Foothills at Hickory Oktoberfest

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