The Moon & Seasonal Stargazing at Millholland Planetarium

The Moon & Seasonal Stargazing at Millholland Planetarium

Thursdays at 2:30 p.m., Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. & 2:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 p.m. at Millholland Planetarium in the Catawba Science Center.

Earth’s closest neighbor in space will fascinate children (and accompanying adults), as kids learn to recognize the features and patterns of the earth/moon/sun system as observed from Earth, differences in the features of the day and night sky and apparent movement of objects across the sky as observed from Earth, and recognize patterns of observable changes in the Moon’s appearance from day to day.

This project was supported by the United Arts Council of Catawba County through the North Carolina Arts Council, with funding from the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Seasonal Stargazing provides a look at the stars and constellations of the current night sky.

Planetarium shows are included in CSC’s General Admission, on a first-come, first-seated basis.

About the Millholland Planetarium….

The Millholland Planetarium is a state-of-the-art theater, featuring full-dome digital technology – MEDIAGLOBE 3-D, created by Konica Minolta of Japan – and a powerful surround sound system to truly transport audiences beyond the confines of Earth. Visitors will be immersed in giant-screen, 30-foot dome images of the surface of the Sun, Mars, nearby galaxies and beyond. Features include Seasonal Stargazing and topical presentations. Explore the rings of Saturn, massive black holes, volcanoes, ocean depths, the human body and more! All shows are double features which include a main feature and a look at the seasonal night sky.

Click here for more information about The Moon & Seasonal Stargazing at Millholland Planetarium.


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