Hickory Aviation Museum Information

Hickory Aviation Museum Information

The Hickory Aviation Museum contains a treasure of information for the young and old, for those who seek knowledge about flying, for those who desire to preserve the history of our military aircraft, for those who wish to honor our veterans and aviation heroes, and for those that want to enjoy the past and learn about the future. The museum vision statement is “Preserve, Honor, Educate”.

In the past the Hickory Aviation Museum has had a back bone of volunteers from veterans from World War II to our current conflicts and the wives and children of these veterans. Some of these people are now needing to pass this joy on to the next generation to carry forth with the education to our youth.

The goal is to have the museum open to the public seven days a week. There are no paid employees at the museum and thus the dedicated volunteers have developed, maintained, and proudly invited the public at no cost through the doors of history.

Volunteers in all capacities are needed to meet and greet the public, restore and repair aircraft, work on social media, conduct tours for school children and guests through the museum. No aviation experience is necessary. If you are interested in aviation or want to learn about aviation,
they can use you. Any hours would be greatly appreciated and they guarantee you will be rewarded with pleasure, fun and pride.

The Hickory Aviation Museum is located at the Hickory Regional Airport: 3101 9th Avenue Drive NW, Hickory NC 28601 in the Phil Yount Terminal Building on the left side as you drive in.

Click here for more information about the Hickory Aviation Museum.

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