Valdese NC Waldensian Festival

Valdese NC Waldensian Festival

August 12th & 13th, 2016!

Since 1976, on the second Saturday in August, Valdese hosts an annual festival to celebrate the “Glorious Return” of the Waldenses from exile in Switzerland to their native valleys in the Cottian Alps of Italy in 1689. This celebration is mirrored around the world by other Waldensian communities.

The Town of Valdese and The Historic Valdese Foundation continue to improve the Waldensian Festival each year and make it one of the best festivals in the state of North Carolina.

The 2016 Waldensian Festival will concentrate on unique crafts, great food, and top-quality entertainment. To achieve this goal, the committee continues to search for wonderful artists, food vendors and entertainers from around the country. Choosing participants that will come together to make an unforgettable festival.

Click here for more information about the Valdese NC Waldensian Festival.

Waldensian Festival

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