Catawba Science Center #CSCPokevasion

Catawba Science Center #CSCPokevasion

August 6th & 7th, 2016!!

#CSCPokevasion will be August 6th from 10am – 4 pm and August 7th from 1pm – 4 pm at the Catawba Science Center and SALT Block.

• 10+Pokestops in a 500 radius on the SALT Block

• Lures will be deployed every 20 minutes

• $2 off CSC general admission with Pokémon Go account (additional fees may apply)

• Hunt the exhibits for rare Pokémon

• Share your exhibit catches on Twitter/Facebook with #CSCPokevasion – most popular posts win 3D printed Pokémon prizes

• Create meetups with your teams – who will hold the CSC battle gym?


Click here for more information about the Catawba Science Center #CSCPokevasion.

CSC Pokemon

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